Theo The Great

The World At Sleep

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Theo. He always wanted to learn magic.
One day, when he was playing in the back yard, a great magician appeared before him.
"Hello, Theo," the wizard greeted.

Theo's eyes opened wide as he saw the wizard appear.

"Theo, we need you to help fight an evil spreading over the land."
"Wow, how can I help?" asked Theo. 

"We need you to battle the evil Dr. Sleep. This wizard has gone bad and is trying to make every child go to sleep before their bedtime!"
"That is terrible! Kids need time to play! I don't understand. How can I help? I don't even know magic." Theo said.

"Well, young child. I can teach you. If you are ready to learn?" he asked.
"Hooray, I have always wanted to learn magic!" Theo cheered.

"But why me?" Theo Asked.

The great wizard said, "Only a child can stop the evil Dr. sleep after learning magic. I know that you can help me."
"As time is of the essence, I won't be able to teach you everything, but I will teach you what you need to know to defeat the evil doctor Dr. sleep. Are you ready to learn magic, Theo?" the wizard asked.
"Of course," Theo said as he jumped for joy!
The wizard handed Theo a wand. "Point it at that tree over there and say, alakazam."
Theo pointed his wand, "Alakazam!"

The tree exploded and a branch fell on the wizard's head.
The wizard yelled, "Ouch, I was not expecting that. Your magic is so powerful you exploded the tree."

That will come as a surprise to the evil Dr. sleep. 

Be ready to use that trick to defeat him.
The wizard said, "Here is another spell you can cast. Swish your wand from side to side and say, alakazoodle!"
Theo moved his wand back and forth and said, "Alakazoodle!"

A large glass ball appeared in the sky and fell to the ground.
The wizard smiled and clapped, "very well done, Theo."

You will need only one more trick to defeat the evil Dr. sleep. So that all kids can stay up and play as they should."
The great wizard said, "For the final magic trick, we will need to turn the magic of sleep against the evil wizard. 

You must make a circle with your wand and say, abrakasleep!"
Theo moved his wand in a circle, pointing it at a nearby bunny. "Abrakasleep!"

Magical music begins playing out of nowhere. The bunny quickly falls asleep.
The great wizard says, you now know all you need to defeat the evil Dr. sleep. I will teach you one more trick for fun as a reward for helping us.

Theo, make a letter C with your wand and say, "incakazoo!"
Theo made a swishing C with his wand, saying, "incakazoo!"

A bowl of candy appeared before him. 

Theo said, "Wow, thanks, this is amazing."
The great wizard said, "Theo you are now ready to face the evil Dr. sleep." I can not help you as I will fall asleep as soon as we see him, but you will not, and if you defeat him I will wake and be able to return him to the wizard school to make him good again."

"Are you ready Theo?" The wizard asked.
Theo tightly grabbed his magic wand, "Yes, I am ready!"

The wizard waved his wand and they disappeared into purple smoke
The great wizard and Theo appeared in a dark forest. Theo turned and saw the evil Dr. sleep. 

The great wizard collapsed to the ground quickly falling asleep.
Dr. Sleep looked at Theo, "Well, it looks like they found a child who is immune to my sleep magic, but don't worry, I have other tricks to have you sleeping in no time."

Without waiting, Theo raised his wand and waved it  back and forth, saying, "Alakazoodle!"
A glass ball appeared above Dr. Sleep, who was amazed to see the powerful magic that young Theo could summon. 

He stepped to the side, narrowly avoiding the ball as it fell to the ground.
As the evil wizard was dodging his first spell. Theo  pointed his wand at a nearby tree, yelling Alakazam!"

The tree exploded, dropping a large branch onto the head of the unprepared Dr. sleep.
As the wizard was trapped under the branch, dazed and confused. Theo cast a spell making a circle with his wand and saying, "Abrakasleep!"

The beautiful music returned, and Dr. sleep succumbed to sleep the fate the evil wizard was forced on all the people of the world.
The great wizard awoke and said that Dr. sleep was defeated!

"Thank you! I knew you could defeat him. You are beginning your journey with magic, and you shall now be known as Theo the Great!"

Then the great wizard and evil wizard disappeared.
Theo appeared back in his own yard, unsure of what would come next. He made a "C" with his magic wand, softly saying "incakazoo!"

a bowl of candy canes appeared before him, Theo figured he had earned a treat.

The End

Theo The Great

The World At Sleep

Daniel Mayer

Dan Mayer has been helping his kids write customized books inserting themselves into favorite stories.

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